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  • Webpage Development and Promotion

    Netiko web studio, a member company of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry France-Georgia (CCIFG), was established by French and Georgian partners. The company is oriented at promoting the introduction of brand new European tendencies and innovations in Georgia.

  • Project - gancxadebebi.ge

    Netiko has completed several projects in Georgia, including the top-rated Georgian advertising website gancxadebebi.ge with more than 50 000 registered users.

  • What can we offer you?

    In today's world, web networking is the most effective method of mass communication. Therefore the success of an organization depends heavily on their success in internet. This is why Netiko is the best choice for your business.

  • What makes us unique

    Our knowledge of Georgian environment and the French model of IT development gives Netiko the ability to understand and respond to your needs in accordance to Georgian market demands and the latest international standards. We understand that the success of our clients is a part of our success as well. Therefore the quality and functionality of each product we make is our main goal.



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  • Netiko is rewarding the winner of the Informatics Olympiad

    Netiko web studio is now one of the companies promoting Informatics Olympiad in Georgia. GeOlymp is being held in Georgia for the third time since 2010 and an absolute majority of participants are young people who are successful in other informatics Olympiads.

  • Here us at Public Broadcaster’s Radio Channel

    On June the 16th, representatives of Netiko were kindly invited to talk about topics related to web design and webdevelopment. The audience of the radio show “My Business” is mostly business executives.  For those who have small or medium scale enterprises as well as those who are making their very first steps on their way to a vast world of entrepreneurship, the show is there to offer consultancy.

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Georgia : (+995) 557 28 48 27

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