Company Netiko to establish Netiko Studio

Georgian-French IT company “Netiko” came up with a decision to establish “Netiko Studio”, the profile of which will be to create web applications in accordance with the newest technological trends and standards.

Company Netiko offers a wide spectrum of IT services to its customers, ranging from creation of web applications (which will be made possible in cooperation with Netiko Studio from now on) to:
  • creation of any type of software
  • support with implementation of innovative technologies
  • provision of trainings involving local and foreign specialists
  • planning IT strategies
  • project management
  • IT consultancy for the companies 

Through establishing Netiko Studio, the goal of our team is to achieve the best possible results in web industry development, to optimize and increase the efficiency of our company by means of mobilizing more creative resources, in order to make Georgian and foreign internet space even more contemporary and interesting and further on to implement new projects, which will increase awareness and sympathy to our work from the public’s side.

The Netiko team is happy to announce it has entered a new, exciting phase of its activity.

Georgia : (+995) 557 28 48 27

France : (+33) 6 95 93 15 45

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